Communicating in a Global World!


Practical steps and techniques are needed to create understanding between people of different cultures. The famous bank adverts show us that the "thumbs up" sign in Manchester might not be viewed as positively in parts of South America! Inappropriate touching,gestures,meet and greet welcomes, dress codes and many many more basic mistakes can open up some horrible elephant traps - losing you staff and customers.



However, we build into this course the local demographics prevailing within your social atlas and ensure we provide distinct advice and guidance on dealing with specific groups in your communities. For example, with a client recently we asked participants in advance for the details of their different clients - country of origin, religion if known and other cultural pieces of information. This enables us not only to put on a "world tour" as indicated below but a tailored cultural tour around your community and its environs.


In other words we bring your locality focus very much to bear upon the course leaving people with a toolkit to prepare and plan for meetings, events and any activity involving "meet and greet", "observation of key dates" etc etc and over 20 other different considerations. Our 12 month after care service would also enable any of your colleagues to get in touch with the trainer - a critical friend - for any advice about a specific issue or problem




This training provides participants with an understanding of how, by recognising cultural differences, we can adapt our own behaviour appropriately and improve working relationships within and between cultural groups.


We look at:-


  • Definitions of "Culture"
  • Definitions of Culture Clash!
  • Barriers to effective cross cultural communication
  • Perceptions, myths and assumptions
  • Elephant traps - Culture Clash - The Law
  • Elephant traps - Culture Clash -Working well with others
  • The benefits of raising awareness of culture - these would focus on the economic and business arguments -keeping your customers/students, retaining your staff!
  • A changing world of work and the customer - demographic changes/multi cultural UK and down your street. Changed expectations.
  • Skills needed in terms of working with, or serving people from, different cultures and countries
  • Communication skills in depth - including body language from a western AND non western perspective!
  • Good behaviour. Key protocols  when engaging with people from different cultures - e.g. meet and greet/appropriate touching/symbols/dress/diet/etc etc