Procurement and the Equality Act

The days of "pink and fluffy" equality policies are over. And a simple cosmetic "tick box" approach to pre qualification questionnares is also doomed to failure.

The Equality Act's Public Procurement clauses make this inevitable. And it's a good thing because the hard headed economic arguments for equality and diversity are about recruiting and retaining people - staff and customers alike!

We often get feedback from private suppliers about how onerous the tendering processes are becoming and one of the key issues is that they are all so different. Completing PQQs and ITTs can become a job in itself for some suppliers and this can actually exclude some companies from the procurement process as they are just not equipped in either time or experience to answer the increasingly complex questions and information requirements. We can help you!

Interestingly also we receive feedback from procurers saying pretty much the same thing. Assessing suppliers against each other in terms of their responses to E&D questions in PQQs is very difficult - particularly for those procurers who are not equality specialists. This can end up being costly for all parties. We can help!

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