The Equality Act 2010 -What does it mean for you?


 The Equality Act 2010


The Equality Act represents the biggest change in discrimination law for over two generations. It increasingly puts the burden of proof on an organisation or company to actually show what it is doing to keep its equality and diversity policies alive. And that means in terms of the people employed, the people served and all the appropriate stakeholders.


We focus upon the three key duties:-

  1. Eliminating discrimination,harassment and bullying
  2. Advancing equality in employment and service delivery
  3. Fostering good relationships between people of one protected characteristic and another - and between the same characteristics


We explore the nine protected characteristics in detail, spotlighting the points of convergence and divergence.


A legally compliant and user friendly process(a toolkit) for undertaking equality and diversity impact assessments is provided together with guidance on what should be in realistic Single Equality Schemes and action plans.



This course drills down deep into all aspects of the issues to be found in our free report on the 10 most common mistakes made by people when implementing equality and diversity policies. Send for a free copy today!