Equality in employment and service delivery!


These are our flagship courses - led by trainers who have worked for enforcement agencies on UK equality laws. And who today as professionals and volunteer advocates advise employers & claimants about their rights and responsibilities.


We can help with training,policy and implementation of equality and diversity strategies.Impact assessments and key tools are also a speciality.

Our areas of expertise include:-

  • Basic awareness courses
  • Advanced courses
  • Courses for managers and directors

Our coverage of discrimination laws and regulations includes:-

  • Age
  • Bullying
  • Disability
  • Equal Pay and Equal Value
  • Gender Identity - Transgender issues
  • Harassment
  • Human Rights
  • Race
  • Religion and Belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation

Our Diversity and Cultural Awareness courses blend in appropriate legal issues but also look at:-

  • Points of divergence and convergence between equality and diversity
  • Concepts of discrimination,bias and prejudice
  • Models of subjective and objective thinking
  • Cultural Differences
  • Moving beyond Stereotypes
  • Developing Cultural Self Awareness
  • Cultural Influences on the way people think and act
  • Recognising barriers and overcoming barriers to cross cultural communication
  • Meeting specific needs

Our coverage does not overlook:-

  • UK Codes of Practice
  • European Directives
  • Links to Employment Law
  • Links to Criminal Law
  • The business or economic considerations
  • The demographic considerations
  • Communication issues
  • How to challenge unacceptable behaviour
  • How to deal with your own subjective thinking


  • Academic models
  • Practical tools and techniques
  • Impact Assessment kits
  • Benchmarking of best practice in your sector