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We have:-


  • Free Time Management Toolbox - 116 ideas for saving your time.Choose five and let us have feedback on how you get on!


  • 300 free tips on how to make a presentation with impact-public speaking should never been a nightmare again!


  • Horrible Bosses - a link between management styles and their impact on the equality and diversity agenda. A free training/lesson plan!


  • How to say no and challenge unacceptable behaviour!Three magic questions designed to get the other person to do 60% of the talking.



  • Role play scenarios in eight different community events with a feedback sheet 


  • Negotiation Skills Roleplay Game - For 12 or more players! Win-Win!


  • An Inspector Calls - Public Procurement Tips on Equality and Diversity


  • Social Media  - Employment Law and Customer Care. Free guide and a draft policy for you to adapt


  • Bribery Act - risk assessment audit quiz. This new law covers every sector - private, public and voluntary


  • Eight Case Studies on Housing and Equalities. Nineteen Case Studies on Education and Equalities


And don't forget our groundbreaking "Ten reasons why equality and diversity policies go wrong"