Governing not Managing - But Equality Counts! 

Corporate Governance must be firmly linked to the Equality and Diversity Agenda for the governors and trustees of any organisation. The range of corporate governance risks that governors or trustees face all have equality and diversity implications.


These risks include management, financial, operational, environmental, compliance and reputational risks. If equality and diversity issues are insulated or vacuum packed away from these potential risks by the governing body there can be real problems!  Our training course makes a link between these corporate governance risks and the key factors driving the modern equality and diversity agenda.We focus on the:- 



·         People reporting to you directly

·         Staff your organisation employs - and those it wishes to employ

·         People you serve - and those you seek to serve

·         Stakeholders in your learning community

·         Expectations of external scrutiny bodies like Ofsted when inspecting your corporate governance framework


We aim to:-


  • Bring you up to speed on the key definitions and technical terms associated with equality and diversity
  • Provide an update on the very latest breaking news including the Equality Act 2010 and Ofsted's new guidance on equalities/diversity issues for governors
  • Give you a clear idea about your role within the implementation not only of equality policies but the growing number of public equality duties. This includes Equality Action Schemes and Impact Assessments
  • The links between discrimination laws and those other statutes impacting on your duties such as Health and Safety ,Data Protection and Employment Law
  • The key issues for you relating to the "burden of proof" and "vicarious liability"
  • The key defences against litigation with checklists that will make you "reasonable", "proportionate" and "practical"
  • Highlight the critical convergences and divergences between "managing" equality and "governing it"
  • Raise awareness about the economic, business and demographic considerations that impact upon equality and diversity delivery - as well as the law!
  • Take you behind the scenes to illustrate what the modern external equality inspector is looking for today!
  • Showcase best practice elsewhere in the learning community
  • Signpost good sources of further external help and support